As Malaysia’s largest 5k and 10k running event, we feel it is our responsibility to lead the industry in event sustainability practices. CIMB shares our vision, and together we aim to create a more sustainable future whilst inspiring young Malaysians to #LIVETHEBEAT and lead more active lifestyles.

Outlined below are some of the initiatives we’re putting in place to minimise the impact we have on our environment. We can’t do it alone and need your help, so please take a moment to see what you can expect at the event and how you can play your part.


We’ve teamed up with the folks at YTL Group Sustainability to independently track all the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions produced by the event. With the help of CIMB, the event’s emissions will be offset through an investment in a water filtration project in Indonesia that uses ceramic filters to produce safe drinking water, thus eradicating the traditional requirement to boil water prior to drinking it. This is a Gold Standard project which contributes to Sustainable Development Goal number 13 (Climate Action) in addition to benefiting local communities by contributing to at least two additional SDGs. One of the ways we’re leading the industry and reducing the event’s carbon footprint.  

Want to do your part? Catch the LRT to Run Pack Collection and the Event or carpool with friends. 


We’re working with Visionary Solutions using proprietary technology by Bluewater of Sweden, one of the world’s most innovative clean water technology companies, to provide runners access to safe, clean, 100% purified drinking water at refill stations throughout the event. With CIMB providing all participants with a reusable water bottle in their Run Pack to be used at the event, we’ll be stopping 80,000 plastic bottles from potentially entering landfills or our oceans. We haven’t stopped there and are also eliminating an additional 40,000 pieces of single-use plastic wrapping from event items such as t-shirts and medals. 

How can you help? Make sure you fill up and bring along your CIMB reusable water bottle to the event. Look out for the Bluewater water refill stations and stay hydrated as you run, dance and party! 


Ever wondered what happened to your old mobile phone or computer? That’s where the team at ERTH come to the party. Instead of this E-Waste ending up in landfills and leaching harmful chemicals and plastics into the environment, they break it down and recycle it. This year, we’re pumped to announce that in addition to cash and other goodies, the race winners in the 5k and 10k Speed race categories will receive something totally unique – Malaysia’s First Winners’ Trophies made from 3 tonnes of E-Waste donated by CIMB. 

Want to get your hands on a trophy? You have to be in the 5k or 10k SPEED race category and place in the top 5 men or women to win! 


We’re serious about making The Music Run by CIMB the most fun and sustainable event possible. Our vision is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste wherever we can and we’ve partnered with some of Malaysia’s most innovative Eco-Warriors to help us. All recycling at the event will be handled by industry experts, iCYCLE, with dedicated recycling bins dotted across the venue. The folks at KLEAN will be showcasing new ways to reward you for recycling with their ‘reverse-vending machines’. For the first time, all compostable food waste will be collected in the Food Village and taken to Ground Control’s composting facility. This nutrient-rich compost will then be used by our friends at the Free Tree Society to plant trees that will be donated and replanted at local schools. How about leftover ‘clean’ food that is not sold or used? The Lost Food Project will redistribute this surplus nutritious food to those who need it most. Even our famous ‘rock hand’ giveaways will get a makeover courtesy of Paperway with unique recycled cardboard replacing the traditional foam. 

What can you do? Buy and consume only what you need and ensure you dispose of all items in the specially marked bins located throughout the event.